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Last night I participated in filming a documentary for Victory in Christ Ministries (VCM) here are some of the BTS photos from the shoot.

Jared our the Director Kara Bilkert Audio Andrew Pruim BTS Photographer

You can check out the full album here:
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A few weeks ago I was given the privilege of working on the ERA dance shoot as an assistant light technician and behind the scenes photographer. Bellow you can see the results.

BTS Photos
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Over the last few days I’ve posted a few more photos to facebook and entered a photo competition. The voting occurs through likes so if you have a moment please head here and vote!

My two latest batches of photos are more photos from the Cook Library Center and some photos from German 362.

I volunteer regularly at the Cook Library Center through Calvin College’s Service-Learning program. At the Cook Library Center Calvin students pair up with younger students and help them with homework, play games, and encourage them to go to college. You can view more photos of the kids and volunteers here.

German 362 is a German class at Calvin College that helps students learn and experience the German language through performed texts. I’ve been hired as a photographer for their events this year so check back for some more fun photos. You can see the full album here.

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Take a look at the highlight videos from Lübeck and Wittenberg. We weren’t in Lübeck very long but we did get a wonderful tour of the city. In Wittenberg we did a lot of activities with our host families and visited Hundertwasserschule. While in Wittenberg we also participated in a flashmob, you can see that video here.

Lübeck Highlights

Wittenberg Highlights

Watch the students from the German Interim Abroad (GIA) 2014 visit Husum in Northern Germany. During this stay we made German food, and got to have coffee with the Bürgermeister (Mayor) of Husum.

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Another highlight video from the German Interim Abroad (GIA) 2014. This one is of Erfurt which was the first stop on our trip. In this video you can see images of the Erfurt cathedral as well as time spent with host families.
If you would like to see other GIA videos you can check out the full playlist on Youtube. Or visit my other GIA posts. As always thanks for viewing and if you like it share it!

In a break from GIA videos. An update on other video projects.

About a year ago I was privileged to work as a production assistant on “The Beaten Path” a short film about two bikers. Since then the film has gone on to be shown at several film festivals and earn several awards. This week the full version of the video came online and is now available for everyone to view. My primary contribution to this project was turning on and off an orange light to provide “fire light” in the opening scene. Hope you enjoy!

You can watch the film here:


The Beaten Path from Nicholas Afton on Vimeo.

To kick off spring break here is another German Interim Abroad (GIA) 2014 highlight video.

Every year Calvin College sends a group of students to Germany on the GIA. This video highlights the students experiences in Weisneck, Himmelreich, the black forest (Schwarzwald), and Basel Switzerland.

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I finally got one of my German city highlights finished so here it is!

I also put together an interview project for my documentary class CAS 290.

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After working on a number of projects in and on the German Interim Abroad (GIA), I was interviewed by Calvin’s News and Stories Team. You can take a look at the article here:

I’m still working on putting together a short film capturing the GIA experience. Hopefully I’ll get to it in the next few weeks or over spring break.

For now you can take a look at the trailer for a short film I helped work on a year ago.

The Beaten Path: Final Trailer from David B. Witwer on Vimeo.